Saturday 26 May 2018
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Advance with it!

Amidst the lights of glowing glory of the advanced society, are we drowning ourselves and are we trying hard enough to minimize their effect and evolve ourselves as one of the strongest in the field.

The image of the technology imprinted in our mind is myth. I would not dare to offend you, but I would also not back in exposing the truth.

The thought bouncing in your head, thinking yourself as the advanced person who loves and believes in technology is nothing but a fuss.  Just a simple question that may reveal you inclination towards technology is “Have you used your card and not thought that there may be some error and your cash will be deducted?”

The object from the far is always beautiful to have and hard to earn while the object close are ugly and easy to get. This statement is not that true as it appears to be. The appeal in the statement is just the reflection of our mind which thinks exactly the same. The world would be more beautiful to live and easy to survive if we can cultivate exactly the opposite in our head.

Taking Motivation from the quote by Mazzini

“Slumber not in the tents of your fathers! The world is advancing. Advance with it!”

We should learn to wake with the world, walk with the world and,

Seeing is what should be our motivational factor. The tendency, in fact great tendency to accustom ourselves to look at highly advanced society and remain calm without being bothered by it once is unbelievable. There no great god residing there, ain’t no any person with a brain larger than that of ours, but one thing they do have is the gut to do something new, the zeal of advancement and the hunger for progress.

Sam is a WordPress enthusiast speaking fluent WordPress. It has been my cup of tea to blog but I still enjoy it sometimes. I love to visit places that are close to nature without human intervention.

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