Saturday 23 June 2018
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How Understanding Your Zodiac Sign Can Enhance Your Meditation

Most people see astrology as something mystical that has nothing to do with real living. Meditation on the other hand is considered to be a vital tool for a balanced life in today’s hectic world. There is even scientific evidence that meditation helps to effectively cope with stress, anxiety and give you the answers to the questions you are looking for. So how can something like astrology elements help you improve meditation experience?

If you correctly apply astrology to decode the potential that was given to you on your date of birth (see “How Knowing Your Cosmic Address Can Help to Realize Your Potential”), then you could see that it is a great tool that can be very insightful on your road of self-discovery. Each one of us was born on a certain date. On the date of birth the human brain begins to receive and transmit imprinted frequency of the point in time and space. The energy of the date of birth (just like any other date) is influenced by the position of the planets in the Solar system. The position of the Sun in respect to a certain astrology sign on the date of birth is a major influence. Just like the Moon has power over the tides of the oceans, the Sun resides over the flow of energy in the energy-informational Field.

Most people know the position of the Sun on the date of birth as their horoscope sign (however, other planets also have to be taken into account if you want to see a bigger picture). Each of the 12 horoscope signs belongs to one of the four astrology elements: Fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Each group of horoscope signs in its own turn represents certain character traits and archetypes (according to Jungian psychology, archetypes are highly developed elements of the collective unconscious).

In other words, the astrology elements as well as their material form represent a certain archetype of the higher consciousness. When we meditate, we raise the frequency of the brain activity in order to reach the state of higher consciousness. Thus, by having a symbol of your astrology element near you (or at least in your visualization) during meditation can help to quickly find the needed frequency and experience full resonance with the harmony of the energy-informational world or the Field.

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