Saturday 26 May 2018
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Most of you might have watched this movie. And probably you learnt about space travel, relativity, blackholes, space-time singularity and many more.It is based on the future as shown.

The mission was to find another earth-like habitable planet because earth could no longer sustain life.

But the only thing I learnt from the movie was the reason that drove people to such a mission – FOOD CRISIS – blight was destroying all the food crops and even NASA was doing food research.

Yes, there will be food crisis one day. Rapid industrialisation, giving up on agricultural practice will lead to this. You may become the CEO but with food crisis you are nothing. Being a technical person in food science, I guess every country should emphasise on food research rather than useless space and nuclear programs. I am not concerned whether pluto has mountains or not. And even if we find another earth, how many of us can afford to go there? I think this was the real message of the movie INTERSTELLAR. Cherish what we have, save our planet, emphasise on food research. Because even our soldiers wont go to war when they are hungry. Just a thought early morning.

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