Saturday 23 June 2018
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Maggi Safety Issues – My Opinion

Representational Image

Representational Image

The lead content was found to be higher in the tastemaker of Maggi, which contains onions, than in the rest of the product, which led to the inference that the presence of heavy metal in the soil in which these were grown must have led to its presence in the food item.

Once heavy metals present in polluted river water enter the soil, it results in crops growing in them absorbing these metals. After entering the food chain by way of consumption, the toxic element magnifies in concentration

within the body of the organism through a process known as biological magnification.

Manufacturers get water from a certain source and who knows what might be present in the water. Next thing is we are so worried about MSG (Ajinomoto or Weeching in the local language). Then there should be a ban on every food stall, restaurants all over  who are selling momo and chowmeins etc. Have you ever seen the water they use where does it come from? How much of MSG are they putting?

And we are going mad. If you test the MSG and Lead content in the products sold in these places, I am sure the levels will be higher.

If people are so concerned about MSG, how come you are using it at your home? We are happily eating stall food (Momos and chowmeins where vendors are putting MSG like anything), the stale samosas and high cholesterol junks and suddenly we fear our lives because of what we hear in the news about Maggi.

Ban Maggi if it is violating food safety rules. Then collect samples from everywhere. See the levels of heavy metals and MSG or cholesterol. Test the water they are using. Equal food safety rules for all isn’t it?

And let me tell you one thing. The problem was with a particular lot of Maggi and it has been recalled. Maggi has been banned in many states for a month, not forever.

Coca Cola faced pesticide issue because the water they had sourced was contaminated with pesticides.

Being a Food Technologist I felt there is a need to have my say on this.

Come back soon Maggi


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4 thoughts on “Maggi Safety Issues – My Opinion

  1. samirkhanal

    Well said brother!
    There is always something big happening which does not seems obvious until somebody points it out.

  2. Praneet

    Maggi Maggi Maggi.

    Thanks for giving a small assurance that it is not totally unsafe to have maggi.

    Will be back in just 2 minutes 🙂 You know why.

  3. Bimal

    I have the same thought. I also thing the raw materials used may be the culprit.
    Maggi is an international brand and I am sure they will not compromise on the quality as that will give a bad name to their brand.
    But on another note the maggi should be quality checked before releasing to the market which I guess they have missed.

    Also recently Britain confirmed that the maggi produced in India is safe to consume. So this proves that maggi can be consumed safely and without hesitation.

    Thanks a lot. I am gonna need a maggi now.

  4. Ajong

    I love maggi and I haven’t faced anything because of maggi. I will continue eating maggi and I am sure it will come clean in near future.
    EAT MAGGI, SLEEP MAGGI, DRINK MAGGI….. All time favourite!

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