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Mountaineering In Sikkim

Sikkim shares a mountainous border with Nepal in the west, with China in north and east. Most of the peaks in the Sikkim Himalaya are considered to be sacred as the Sikkim’s people worship the nature deities. Doug Fresh field was one of the early mountaineers to visit Khanchendzonga area in 1899.Paul Bauer made first attempt to reach the summit in 1929 and second attempt in 1931 and reached an altitude of 26,000 ft. CharlescEvans in 1955 defeat Kanchendzonga below few feet the summit. In 1977 Major Prem Chand reached a few feet below the summit and in 1987 Assam Rifles expedition attempted the peak. Hukam Singh and Yoshio Ogata in 1991 defeat the peak.


In west Sikkim, peaks like Kabru which is 7338 meter were climbed in 1935 by C.R.Cook and Kokthang, Ranthong peaks were climber much later. There are many peaks around Kanchendzonga which are tempting and an open invitation to climbers.


Trekking Peaks

Mt. Thingchinkhang which is 5603 meter snd Mt. Jopunu which is 6010 meter are located in western Sikkim and under the KAnchendzonga National Park. It is famous for natural beauties, bio-diversity, sacred lakes and snow-capped mountains. Some other peaks across Okhlathang valley are Gocha, Ranthong, Kabru sisters, Siniolchu. Mt. Makalu in Nepal is also seen from these peaks.


Peaks In West Sikkim

Name Of Peak                       Height                                        Location

Frey Peak                             5830 Meter                                   Chauringang
Mt. Tenchenkhang              5603 Meter                                    West Sikkim
Mt. Joponu                           6010 Meter                                    West Sikkim


Peaks In South Sikkim

Name Of Peak                        Height                                       Location

Lama Wangden                     5868 Meter                                       Lachen
Brumkhngse                          5635 Meter                                    Yumthang


For all above peaks permits will be issued by Home Department.

May to October is the best season to climb in Sikkim. The Indian Mountaineering Foundation is the country’s top body that helps in organizing mountaineering journey. Foregin expeditions have to book a peak along with a peak fee. It is compulsory for journey in Sikkim to take a license officer from Sikkim Mountaineering Association along with license officer from Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF).


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