Saturday 26 May 2018
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What Is Organic Food and Why Should We Eat It?

Organic Food

Organic Food

Organic Food is produced by an ecological system of agricultural management that produces nutritionally superior plants, resistant to pests & disease. Organic farming builds & maintains healthy soil through traditional methods of crop rotation, planting cover crops, releasing beneficial insects, and composting.

Organic doesn’t just mean a return to traditional farming

contributed precise methods of non-toxic pest & disease control. Farm machinery allows organic farming on a large scale to meet the growing demand for organic food.

Organic Food is the fastest growing segment of the American agricultural economy.

People who care about their health & the environment are worried about pesticide & antibiotic drug residues in their food. They’re concerned about food poisoning from filthy slaughterhouses, contaminated feed, and diseased animals – all common in industrial agriculture. They’re alarmed by the wide-spread practice of food irradiation and the use of toxic sewage sludge as fertilizer. They’re just plain terrified by genetically engineered food. They see the environment & water supply threatened by the industrialization of agriculture, and wonder what kind of future their children will have.

Anti-organic Publicity:

Recently, studies have been produced showing little or no nutritional difference between organic and non-organically grown produce. This is highly misleading. Soils all over the N. American continent have been severely depleted through more than a century of unsound methods of cultivation.

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