Saturday 23 June 2018
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Rumtek Monastery – Visit to peaceful place


After a load of work and a hectic schedule, you would definitely love a place where you can enjoy the beauty and be in a peaceful place together. Rare is the place like that? Not unless you know about Rumtek Monastery.

Be it summer time or the winter time, it is of no worry to visit Rumtek Monastery. The serene and peaceful place. A holy place for the Buddhist. Rumtek Monastery is a place where one can be there alone and never feel bored.

Now talking about the place, there is two monasteries, Old monastery and the new monastery. The old one is situated a little away from the new one which is closer to Ranipool. But that’s just about 800 metres away from the new Monastery. Yes they are closer.

Rumtek Monastery is also called the DharmaChakra center.  Monastery in local language is called Gompa. It is located few kilometres away from the capital Gangtok of Sikkim. It is also renowned for it being the famous school of Tibetan Buddhism.

It was built by the Changchub Dorjee, the twelfth Karmapa Lama in mid 1700s. This is currently the largest monastery in Sikkim. This is the main place for the monk community to perform their rites and rituals. Karma Shri Nalanda Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies is a college situated right beside the main building. MOre information can be gathered from the wiki page here.

The monastery itself is divided into two areas. The old monastery and the new monastery.

The Old Rumtek Monastery

The old monastery is a quiet place a little away from the new monastery. It is not as crowded as the new monastery.

Old Rumtek Monastery

It is small but a beautiful monastery. It is surrounded by the tall pine trees, which stands tall and firm all the seasons.The view of the gangtok from this place is a never to miss experience. I would suggest you to stay a little longer here till the world goes dark. Yes you can get an awesome glimpse of Gangtok. The capital start glowing when the sun gows down. And the view is awesomely Awesome(I don’t mind to make a typo exception to define it 🙂 ).

The New Rumtek Monastery

The New Rumtek Monastery is the best place to be if you opt to  have a look into the unique architecture. The paintings here are amazing. Believe me! You will not regret visiting this place. The place is covered with monks. The place is more beautiful and divine than you could have ever imagined. Just the view of the place is mesmerizing. I would be glad to spend my life near this place. But yes I don’t cause I have my own responsibilities to fulfill. There is a small gate where visitors can pass through to get the mesmerizing view of the place. Once you get pass the main gate where there are few securities guard you will find a small road. This road leads to the main monastery. The road is twisted and curved to suit every bend of the slope. You will also see many shops along the roadside. These shops are pretty expensive. But it is great to get some memento for you friends family and relatives. You can find artefacts related to the monastery and sikkim. Although expensive, It is justifiable at last somehow.

After that you will reach maingate of the monastery where you can see the real beauty. Once you enter that gate, you will see a huge monastery building in front. A huge square shaped lobby surrounded by a walls of rooms stands there. You can have fun and enjoy the divine beauty. You can also offer prayers and be blessed.

Again from this place you can too enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of gangtok. The best time to enjoy the gangtok beauty from Rumtek Monastery is 6:00pm IST onwards. Rest is experience.

I would love to have your views on this and Would be glad to discuss. Do not forget to drop your views in the comment box below.



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