Saturday 26 May 2018
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Amazing Facts About the Human Body

How long does a human hair live for? What’s the strongest muscle in the body? These questions and many other bizarre quandaries will...


Sikkim tourism is incredible! Sikkim is a wonderland in the bosom of Eastern Himalayas with its avant garde surroundings and spectacular...


When A Tiny Puppy Meets A Cow For The First Time, The Cutest Friendship Begins

I have a hard time meeting new people…and I’m a pretty normal-sized person. Which is why Lana, a tiny, six-month-old dachshund,...


Want To Make The Perfect Burger? Don’t Miss These 5 Secrets.

Tired of making the same old, bland, dry burgers? This year you can blow everyone’s mind at your cookout with these surefire tips for...

Merck is working on his next batch

They Might Not Add Any Cuteness To Your Morning, But These Zombie Mugs Are Amazing

As most visual artists can tell you, there are few techniques more difficult than sculpture. Even for some of the most talented creators...

Rub Your Index Finger For 60 Second

Amazing – Rub Your Index Finger For 60 Second And See What Will Happen To Your Body

In order to avoid the shortness of breath, massage your thumb: You probably did not know this, but rather your thumb is connected with your...