Saturday 26 May 2018
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With The fall of Winter

With the decrease of cold and the increasing temperature, Sikkim becomes one of the most preferred tourist destination. And yes we know the fall of winter has arrived. The mercury never crosses the sweating level at any point of time in a year.  The mild and chill are the two most sorted levels, the mercury tends to be in Sikkim. With the melting of the ice, but never melts all away, Sikkim becomes the most desirable vacation destination.

The melting ice caps with the chilling winds blowing through your face takes you close to the nature. The mystique mountains shining in the bright sunbeam add a spark. A hot cup of coffee with the majestic view of Kanchenjunga is just unforgettable.

With the fall of winter and the rise of a new seasons, tourists flung their way to Sikkim. The narrow road from Siliguri to Gangtok is the first experience to get in touch with the changing ecosystem from hot and arid to the cold and green vegetation system. The new badge of the Organic state added a blush in the cheeks of Sikkim tourism.

There are countless destinations and endless roads with all the possible curves. The chilling winds to the hot spots ranges all over sikkim. The hot water lake to the chilling river dip and lake adds the variance. what else could one ask for?

The month of February to April is the most rushed month of the year. When the winter comes to an end the killing cold comes to an end and if you do not love cold than this is the right time for you. You will be seeing clear sky and snow covered mountains. On a lucky day you can be blessed with snow shower. The snow fall here is the most desired attraction.  All of the Sikkim is not covered with snow but there is decent line between the two. You can visit either one or both depending on your preference.

The hotels around Sikkim are plenty and the most appreciated part is the hospitality. The hospitality of the hotels around Sikkim is most talked among the tourist. People here are awesome in hospitality.

No matter, the winter season is a rushed time due to the snow but the fall of winter takes it to the another level. Another great trip to Sikkim with the moments to remember for the rest of the life.



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