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Yumthang Valley- Valley of Flowers

Yumthang Valley is one of the most amazing tourist destination in Sikkim.  Also Known as Valley of Flowers. Not only because of the Snow peak mountains and the scenic valley but also due to the amazing flowers that covers the valley in spring time.

Gangtok to Yumthang

After the long journey from Gangtok to Lachung, which is the nearest village from Yumthang where fooding and lodging is available, one reaches the destination most sorted. The trip which may be long but the scenic beauty with waterfalls, the rocky mountains and lush green vegetation does not let your enthusiasm attenuate. The 125 Km stretch from Gangtok to Lachung is also a memorable journey which will be imprinted permanently in you.Lachung

The most amazing part of this journey is when you reach Lachung. The small and the beautiful village where all the facilities for fooding and lodging are available. You will need to take a one day halt to this place to visit Yumthang Valley.

If you start early from gangtok, it may take a whole day to reach Lachung. The Cold and chilling weather makes it perfect for a one  day stay. You will get a amazing experience with the local delights and drinks. If you prefer otherwise, you can get what you needs most. Probably !

At Lachung, you have the perfect opportunity to taste CHAANG. Chaang is the local millet beer which taste much better than any other multinational beers. And there can’t be better place than this to have few cups of them. Amazingly, you will not get a cup that you are aware of. It will be a bamboo cup or an aluminium cup.


You might have a valid point that how can one have a beer at such a cold area. No worries! The beer is served with hot water. Yo hooo! How on earth is that possible? I thought the same thing. But Now I think better things are not known by many. 🙂

Some millet beer and some fried dried meat will help you keep warm for the night. Its an amazing feeling before you get to your destination, Yumthang Valley.

Next morning, it will be a little early for you but you need to get up at 5:00 am.  Off course you can take a nap till 8:00 am and move your lazy bones to the valley after that, But if you have come this far than whats the loss in waking early for a day if you could get something extra and something amazing.


The snow peaks are mostly covered by clouds but if you are able to arrive early then you might be able to see the whole valley clean. Its few kilometers from Lachung. The zero point is the place where you want to go to get a grasp of a snow. In this journey, you will pass through the Yumthang valley. Ask your driver to take it slow. You should not miss anything. Once you reach Zero point, you can halt for few hours. And you will definitely needs help of loads of coffee or tea for that. The amazing scenic beauty that can mesmerize you. The snow covered peak and the valley covered with flowers of different color. What else could you wish for.

Some Facts about Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley is located in North Sikkim about 125Kms from Gangtok. It is situated at an altitude of 11,693ft. This Valley of Flowers is home to many flowers. The Rhododendron is a State flower of Sikkim.

There are 24 Species of Rhododendron. Most of them can be found blooming in the valley. Other flowers blooming in the valley includes primulas, poppies, iris etc.

The source of Teesta River Flows through this place. The white Chilling water Gushing down the valley can be seen here. Infact the coldness can be felt just by looking at its color and its motion. 🙂

Yumthang Valley Forest Guest House

There is nothing standing in the Yumthang Valley apart from the Forest Resthouse. Yumthang valley is a grazing ground. During summer months, people would take their cattle for grazing.

If you are a Skiing buff, You would want to give it a shot here. Yes Skiing is also available and you can take some nice shots and an unforgettable memories.

If you have any suggestion drop us in below. If you have visited or want to visit sikkim and would like to ask questions or put suggestions then you can drop in by in the below comment box.

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